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  • definitely don't go, backpack stolen from the tent on July 18 and we just got the insurance company note, saying a big NO as the tent was not considered a locked room. With all the essentials gone, esp. the passport where our US visa was stamped on, it has taken us quite a big financial burden, loss of energy and very big changes in our travel plan. After the police report, we learned another camera was stolen a week before our stay.The safari company Samuel owns (cant remember the name) and the guide George were very helpful but the campsite is a very poorly run place.
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  • The above description not entirely correct. The camp is close to the road & you listen to the noise of trucks passing by at night. There was no hot water in October and the ablutions were disgustingly dirty. The toilets are a cesspool for mosquitos. The tents are in good condition, but once again I found them dirty and the mattress covers dodgy. Next time I'd rather pay a few dollars more and stay elsewhere.
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